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After safe recovery from surgery, lifelong supervision is essential for safe, durable weight loss. It has been well shown that the most durable weight loss is achieved in programs that integrate regular clinical observation with continuing dietary advice and management. For that reason we work closely with an experienced dietician to support you as your body and nutritional needs change (see Our Staff under About Us in the menu to the left).

After a bypass weight loss is quite rapid, and wound healing and nutrient absorption need to be monitored closely. For the first year regular checkups and blood tests are performed, usually every 3 months. As you settle into a more stable, lower weight, the length of time between office visits increases to six months. If you are stable by the end of two years an annual visit is recommended.

Adjustments need to be made to the Band as the body adapts to its presence. You will need to be seen at least every two months for the first 6-9 months and less frequently after that if there are no problems. Weight loss is gradual and can be expected to continue for two years or more.


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