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Modification of eating behavior is the key to success after weight loss surgery. It is not necessarily easy to do but the surgery provides the tools to make it possible.

After placement of an adjustable gastric band, until the first adjustment, food can pass without hindrance through the part of the stomach the band encircles and there will usually be no weight loss. Once adjustments have started to constrict the upper stomach sufficiently, early filling that is the hallmark of the Band's effect will occur. In general if hunger is experienced and weight is not decreasing, the Band needs to be tighter. If vomiting or regurgitation occur frequently, the Band is too tight and should be loosened. The inability to tolerate foods depends on how well they are chewed, their texture and consistency. For example chicken is commonly hard to get down, especially if the Band is fairly tight. Because the effect is completely mechanical the chemical nature of the food is rarely a factor.

After gastric bypass a different set of issues exist. The stomach pouch after a bypass is small and can only accept modest amounts of food during a meal - a tablespoon or two. The phenomenon of dumping does not affect everyone after bypass. When it occurs, it is most uncomfortable and is thought to be a desirable side-effect because it discourages consumption of the sweet, sugary foods that bring it on. 



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